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The following downloads provide limited demonstration versions of our software products. The individual setup files must be downloaded and installed to execute the software.

Download Instructions...
To install a demonstration version: Download the desired file by selecting the associated icon or link. Save the downloaded file to a temporary directory. After downloading, unzip or extract the contents of the saved file. After unzipping, double-click on the extracted ".exe" file and follow the instructions to install the software.

Click a link to download the associated setup file for the demonstration version of the desired software or to view the desired document...

Download GASCalc 5.1 5.3 MB
View GASCalc 5.1 Getting Started Guide 0.7 MB
View GASCalc 5.1 Demonstration Guide 3.1 MB

  Request GASPurge Evaluation License  

Download GASWorkS 10.0 10.3 MB
View GASWorkS 10.0 Getting Started Guide 0.7 MB
View GASWorkS 10.0 Demonstration Guide 1.9 MB
GASWorkS UKDM Download GASWorkS 10.0 (With UK Design Module) 13.1 MB
View GASWorkS 10.0 UK Design Module Guide 8.4 MB

StationManager Download StationManager 2.0 22.5 MB
View StationManager 2.0 Getting Started Guide 1.0 MB
View StationManager 2.0 Demonstration Guide 2.3 MB

StationManager Download WaterCalc 1.0 6.0 MB
View WaterCalc 1.0 Getting Started Guide 1.1 MB
View WaterCalc 1.0 Demonstration Guide 1.4 MB

If you have any questions about the demonstration software or their installation, please feel free to contact us at

Home •  Support/FAQ •  Documents •  Contact Us

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