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The following downloads provide updated Property Tables for the StationManager™ 1.0 software. They represent the standard tables shipped with the latest version of the software. They may contain newer sizes, types, or models compared to the tables shipped with your version of the software.

If you have made changes to your tables since installing or updating the software, rename your tables before installing the new tables. Any changes made to the original tables, will need to be manually added to the new tables if the original tables are replaced.

Generally, the property tables are contained in the "property" subdirectory/subfolder of the main StationManager program directory/folder. Download and extract the desired table to the appropriate directory/folder on your machine.

To download and automatically install all of the tables, download and install the latest StationManager 1.0 software update.

Click a link to download the desired Property Table.

StationManager 1.0 Property Tables...
Download Fittings Table September 30, 2010
Download Pipe Table September 30, 2010
Download Regulator Table September 30, 2010
Download Relief Valve Table September 30, 2010

If you have any questions about these tables or their installation, please feel free to contact us at help@b3pe.com.

Home •  Documents •  Support/FAQ •  Contact Us

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