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GASCalc WebApp Pricing
GASCalc WebApp


The GASCalc™ WebApp is a web (internet) based version of our popular GASCalc suite of analytical tools. It allows Users to perform calculations from any device that can access the internet - including tablets and mobile devices.

Some of the most popular GASCalc calculation routines are included in the Web Based Application including routines for calculation of gas properties, meter values, pipe flow, regulator and relief valve values, dimensional units and energy conversion.

Custom applications and interfaces can be provided for use on company specific internet or intranet, support, or promotional sites.

Pricing & Licensing - Currently there is no fee for using the GASCalc WebApp. It is provided as a complimentary service to our colleagues in the gas industry.

Maintenance & Updates - No maintenance fee is required. Because of the nature of the application deployment, it is always up-to-date, updates are included at no additional charge. Technical support on the use of the software is provided by way of telephone or email communication at no additional fee.


To use the application:

● Visit www.gascalcapp.com
● Select New User
● Register using a valid email address and use “demo” for the password
● Log on and begin calculating
Legal Stuff - GASCalc and the "B-Cubed" logo are trademarks of B3PE LLC.

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