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WaterCalc™ 1.0 was developed in response to numerous customer requests for a water/liquid piping calculation tool similar to our popular natural gas related products. It is a suite of analytical tools for water system design and analysis. It includes routines for calculating a variety of stress, flow, and pressure values for devices and pipe associated with virtually any pressurized piping application that transports or delivers water or similar liquid. Some of its features include...

Pipe Flow & Pressure Values - Several industry recognized pipe flow (frictional loss) equations are supported for sizing and calculating pressure loss across pipes and fittings. Equations include the Hazen-Williams equation, and the Traditional, AWWA, and EPANET versions of the Darcy-Weisbach equation. A single calculation screen allows selective calculation of diameter, length, efficiency, roughness, flow rate, inlet pressure, or outlet pressure. Calculation results include velocity, Reynolds Number, and hydrostatic, frictional, and total pressure loss.

Additional hydraulic related calculations include pipe volume, surge pressure, hydraulic diameter, and flow area.

Stress Values - Routines are included for calculating a variety of pipe stress values including bending stress on pipe spans, thermal expansion and contraction, hoop stress, and plastic pipe design.

Fluid Properties - Fluid properties are kept in a fluid properties table. Several sample tables are provided with the software. The tables can be modified to reflect other liquids or specific User values. Fluid properties, including Specific Weight, Specific Gravity, Viscosity, and Bulk Elastic Modulus, are calculated at the User specified reference temperature.

A viscosity conversion routine is provided which allows conversion between absolute/dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity values.

Miscellaneous & Utility Routines - Routines are provided for calculating a variety of miscellaneous and utility values. Routines include calculation of pump related values, velocity, hydraulic diameter, Reynolds Number, container volume, dimensional units conversion, atmospheric pressure, average pressure, and average temperature calculation.

Extensive tables of pipe and fitting properties include dimensional properties and equivalent length values for a variety of pipe materials and fittings. The Property Tables can be modified and revised by the User.

Demonstration Software - Click here to download a full featured time-limited demonstration version of the software.

Pricing & Licensing - Network, Enterprise, and Corporate licenses are available. Priced from $195 USD. Click here to display all pricing options and an order form. Complete and return the form or contact us to purchase the software.

Maintenance & Updates - An annual maintenance fee may be applied for custom installations or in cases where a non-standard license agreement is used, otherwise no annual maintenance fee is required. Updates to the software are available for download at no additional charge from our website. Technical support on the use of the software is provided by way of telephone or email communication at no additional fee.

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