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The following portable document format ("pdf") documents provide more information on our products. You will need to have a pdf compatible viewer installed to view and print the contents. If you do not have a compatible viewer, click here to download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click a link to view a document...

Bradley B Bean PE Technical Services 0.6 MB
Product & Service Highlights Slide Show 2.9 MB

GASWorkS GASWorkS 9.0 Extended Description 0.5 MB
GASWorkS 9.0 Highlights 0.6 MB
GASWorkS 9.0 Release Notes 0.4 MB
GASWorkS 9.0 Prices & Order Form 0.2 MB
GASWorkS 9.0 Getting Started Guide 0.7 MB
GASWorkS 9.0 Demonstration Guide 1.9 MB
GASWorkS 9.0 User's Manual 36 MB
GASWorkS 9.0 Help Guide 20.9 MB
GASWorkS UKDM GASWorkS 9.0 UK Design Module Description 0.3 MB
GASWorkS 9.0 UK Design Guide 8.5 MB
GASWorkS USDM GASWorkS 9.0 US Design Module Description 0.3 MB
GASWorkS 9.0 US Design Guide 8.6 MB

GASCalc GASCalc 5.0 Extended Description 0.4 MB
GASCalc 5.0 Highlights 0.8 MB
GASCalc 5.0 Licensing, Prices & Order Form 0.2 MB
GASCalc 5.0 Getting Started Guide 0.8 MB
GASCalc 5.0 Demonstration Guide 2.1 MB

GASCalc 5.0 Calculation References (Complete) Compressed file containing all of the calculation reference files. The file must be downloaded and extracted.

50.8 MB
GASCalc 5.0 API Highlights 0.2 MB
GASCalc 5.0 API Function Reference 3.4 MB

StationManager StationManager 2.0 Description 0.6 MB
StationManager 2.0 Prices 0.2 MB
StationManager 2.0 Getting Started Guide 1.0 MB
StationManager 2.0 Demonstration Guide 2.3 MB
StationManager 2.0 User's Manual 26.5 MB

Technical Papers...

Maps to Models - Building Distribution System Models From GIS or CAD Data. Presented at PSIG - 2011

0.1 MB

Estimating System Demand - Methods For Estimating System Demand For Design & Peak Conditions. Presented at WRGC - 2011

0.1 MB

More - Documents For Previous Versions...

If you have any questions that are not answered by the content of these documents, please feel free to contact us at

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