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The following downloads provide update software containing fixes to reported bugs, and additional features and enhancements to existing versions of our software products. The download will only update licensed or demonstration versions of these products. The appropriate product must be installed before attempting to install the update software.

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Update Instructions...
To update your software: Download the desired update by selecting the associated icon or link. Save the downloaded file to a temporary directory. After downloading, unzip or extract the contents of the saved file. After unzipping, double-click on the extracted "exe" file and follow the instructions to update your software.

Click a link to download the desired update...

GASWorkS 10.0...
GASWorkS Download GASWorkS 10 (10.1) Update

This update is only valid for installations of GASWorkS 10 (aka 10.1 - internet style licensing version) where the automatic update process has failed.

8.5 MB
Rev 051.1
August 02, 2021
GASWorkS 10 (10.1) Update Notes
Download GASWorkS 10.0 Update

This update is only valid for installations of GASWorkS 10.0 (local registration style licensing version).

24.1 MB
Rev 046
March 16, 2021
GASWorkS 10.0 Update Notes
Click here for updates for older versions...

StationManager 2.0...
StationManager Download StationManager 2.0 Update 3.4 MB
Rev 050
April 27, 2018
StationManager 2.0 Update Notes
Click here for updates for older versions...

Updates For Previous Versions...
GASCalc 5.0 & Older...
GASCalc Download GASCalc 5.0 Update (Complete) 107 MB
Rev 070
June 28, 2019
Download GASCalc 5.0 Update (Program Only) 4 MB
June 28, 2019
Download GASCalc 5.0 Update (Help File Only) 46 MB
August 08, 2017
GASCalc 5.0 Update Notes
Download GASCalc 5.0 Property Tables
Download GASCalc 4.0 Update 3.0 MB
Rev 132
September 28, 2010
GASCalc 4.0 Update Notes
Download GASCalc 4.0 Property Tables

GASWorkS 9.0 & Older...
GASWorkS Download GASWorkS 9.0 Update 4.3 MB
Rev 099
July 05, 2016
GASWorkS 9.0 Update Notes
Download GASWorkS 7.0 Update 5 MB
Rev 081
September 06, 2007

StationManager 1.0...
StationManager Download StationManager 1.0 Update 4.4 MB
Rev 072
March 04, 2013
StationManager 1.0 Update Notes
Download StationManager 1.0 Property Tables

If you have any questions about these updates or their installation, please feel free to contact us at

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